Bushfire Flame Grill brings the theatre of the kitchen right to your table.

Capture the experience we call the Thrill of the Grill. Most guests enjoy our Brazilian inspired BBQ where skewers of meats are slow roasted on a triple decker open flame churrasco grill. Carvers will then circle your table offering these seasoned and marinated selections.

The restaurant also offers an a la carte menu. Bushfire opens for dinner from 5.30pm until late.


  • Fresh local tropical fruits, herbs and market garden vegetables
  • The best beef and meats available from cattle stations and suppliers from around Australia

Brazilian Glossary

Chimichurri  (chimmey-chooree)    Argentinean herb pesto
Feijao  (fee-jo-ah)  Brazilian black bean stew
Moqueca (mo-kek-ah)  Brazilian seafood dish
Beef picanha (pea-carn-ya)  Beef rump cap